Cause of Male or Female births

Cause of Male or Female births

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Cause of Male or Female births
Posted in 2011

Cause of Child births is Male or Female or Criminal or undesired
I have seen in many families that all are Male children or Female children. I asked to many Medical Expert about this. They told me 1 A normal man has an X and a Y sex chromosome and a normal woman has two X chromosomes. 2. If the father’s contribution is the X chromosome the baby continues to develop as female with a surge of female hormones. 3. If it is Y then the child will be Male. 4. The female always has contain X chromosome.
I researched this topic with Medical Astrology. I noted 1. Birth details of couples 2. Time of Sex 3. Planetary periods. I found the cause that 1. If dominated planet is Jupiter or Sun or Mars the child will be Male 2. If dominated planet is Saturn or Moon or Venus the child will be Female. It has proved the Gender.
Cause of undesired births
I also studied about a Male by birth but possess Female Qualities...The reason is Mercury with weak or defected Male planets.
I also studied about Female by by birth but posses Male qualities. ..The reason is dominated female planet associated or related or other with Male planet as said above.
I also studied the cause of Criminal or undesired nature....The Reason defected Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Ketu is associated or related Moon, Sun, Ascendent...
Many people around the Globe asked me to Explain in Detail about Criminal Births
It is vast subject. By calculating the chart, planetary association or aspect or defecting or other we can judge the Criminal nature...such as criminal planner or criminal or robber or other. I cannot explain the subject here but I will give nature of planets
Rahu+Saturn+Mars gives the nature MURDERER WITH CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES
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