Mothers says about bonding with the baby

Mothers says about bonding with the baby

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Mothers says about bonding with the baby
Posted in 2016

What Other Mothers Say About Bonding With Baby Recently on BellyBelly’s Facebook page, a mother asked the following question: “I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant, and I feel awful for even admitting this… but is it normal to not feel connected to your baby? I’ve done everything suggested to build a bond, but I just don’t feel it yet. It’s not that I’m not excited to have a baby, but she was unplanned, and my fiancé and I are struggling financially. It’s just extremely overwhelming. Is there more I should be doing to build the connection? I’ve shopped, set up the nursery, I talk to her every day and play with her when I feel her kicking. I’m just not sure what else to do.” Here are just a few great responses of many, thanks to some of our fabulous Facebook fans: “I actually felt anxious after I gave birth, because my connection with my daughter still wasn’t there or what I thought it would be. It took a couple weeks to feel it, and now my daughter is 5 weeks old and I can’t imagine my life without her. It will come soon and you will look back wondering how you ever could not feel bonded to your little one.” — Kelli Britton “Oh bless your heart! Honestly, don’t feel like a terrible person, sometimes people just don’t feel connected to their baby until they are holding it in their arms! It doesn’t make you a bad person, not one bit. I know I really struggled with my little boy (I’m 26 weeks currently) because he was unplanned, I was told that I had an extremely low chance of ever having a successful pregnancy, and it’s been a very traumatic pregnancy with one thing or another (he’s doing fine, I’m not doing so well). I’m certain that once you have that little girl in your arms, you’ll feel that bond. Don’t fret about it. Xx” — Deanne James “You’re connecting with her and you don’t realise it. I had the same issue when I was pregnant, but I didn’t give up or lose hope. The day I went into labour and gave birth to my baby, he heard my voice and looked right up to me with his glowing glossy eyes. He knew who I was… and if he could have, he would have smiled, gave me a hug or a wet kiss. I know he would of. Continue to talk and play with her. And make sure daddy does to. She’s excited to meet you guys. And she can’t wait to be blessed into the world!” — I’beez Mona “I didn’t really feel a connection to my baby until he was born. Sang and talked to him, made plans but didn’t really “feel” that bond. Once they put him on my chest and could feel him breathing, I could feel it almost instantly. He was also unplanned, found out the week after my wedding. New husband came with three kids, and we have one income, so I understand your concerns. Once your baby is out, the connection will come.” — Kirsten Williams “I felt exactly the same with my second, I didn’t think i’d have enough love to give cause I already had a 1 year old. But once he was born, I fell instantly in love. Don’t worry mummy, that connection will come soon enough.” — Jade Fawcett “I think the fact that you are concerned shows a mother instinct in itself. Maybe try not to worry so much and go with the flow. Sometimes it just takes time to feel the connection . Dont push yourself to feel it or put any pressure on yourself. Added in the factor of financial strain and timing of unplanned its bound to be a difficult transition for you. Be gentle on yourself xxxx” — Jan Holly “Postnatal depression robbed me of the ability to cherish the early days and months with our baby. I didn’t have that instant bond/love at first sight that people talk about. It took me until about 3 months to fall in love with him, but it did happen. Be patient with yourself, the connection will come. Hugs to you, it’s a tough road to travel.” — Carla Groth “Just because you feel this way, you are not a bad person and it doesn’t mean you don’t care. Just asking this question shows how much of a loving mummy you are already. Secondly, try talking to your GP or midwife/doula. I was so connected to my baby, but when she was born I got PND and major anxiety and had to be medicated. I’ve mentioned this because I want you to know that even though I loved my baby and felt really connected before birth, afterwards things changed for me. And just as you are feeling unconnected now it doesn’t mean that when she is born that you wont love her and feel connected to you. If you do feel concerned about PND just talk to your midwife or GP. Its not something to be ashamed of.”
My advise
1...  You can make permanent affection with your child if you love n bond before your child birth.
2...  Your child will feel your affection and he will be showing affection permanently
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