Love and care for the Unborn baby

Love and care for the Unborn baby

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Love and care for the Unborn baby
Posted in 2014

Love and care for the unborn baby
Hearing your voice while she's still in the womb helps your baby feel attached to you quickly once she's born . One theory suggests that the reason your baby's hearing is so well-developed in the womb is to help her start to bond with you even before she's born
Father can bond with unborn baby
You can also join your partner in feeling some of your baby's movements. Ask her to tell you when he's lively, and place your hand on her belly so you can feel your baby kicking. ... Talk to your baby, tell him everything the two of you will do together when he is older.
When can your unborn child hear the voice
"Babies hear sounds from the outside world at 16 weeks gestation," says Deena H. Blumenfeld, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. "They also recognize their parents' voices from the moment they are born. If dad sings to the baby while baby is still in the womb, baby will know the song, calm and look to dad."
Mothers who feel and show love for the baby in the womb have babies who are healthier, happier and relaxed. Bonding with the unborn baby and talking to her in a gentle and loving manner will have positive effects on her memory and emotions. Talking to the baby in the womb is also beneficial since the baby is building the foundations of language. Be Healthy and Happy to give your Lovely child 

My advise
1..   Most of couple doesn't know that her child's brain is working before birth.
2..   Your child will feel your affection and responds positively.
3..   The affection you shown before birth than the child will show affection after birth   This is the way to have life long bond with your child

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