Anemia and Pregnancy .. 2

Anemia and Pregnancy .. 2

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Anemia and Pregnancy .. 2
Posted in 2014

Am I at risk of becoming anemic?
Yes. Pregnancy increases your likelihood of becoming anemic.
During pregnancy, the recommended amount of iron increases from 18 milligrams (mg) per day to 27 mg per day. You need extra iron to support additional red blood cells, the placenta, and your growing baby. Plus, the extra iron prepares your body for any blood loss that may occur when you give birth.
But there are other factors outside pregnancy that increase your risk further, including:
Heavy menstrual periods
A diet low in iron-rich foods
A diet low in vitamin-C-rich foods (which help with iron absorption)
Eating too many foods or drinks that reduce iron absorption (like dairy products, foods containing soy, coffee and tea)
A short gap between pregnancies
Being younger than 20 when you become pregnant
Having a stomach or intestinal disease that affects how your body absorbs nutrients
Having certain types of gastric bypass surgery, which alters the gut and absorption of nutrients
Taking medication that affects the way your body absorbs iron from food
Losing more blood than normal when giving birth previously
I advise every woman not to plan for next pregnancy when your body is not fit due to anemia...

What are the symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia?
You might not have any symptoms, especially if your anemia is mild. Sometimes tiredness is the only symptom you notice. And it's common to feel tired during pregnancy, so many women don't realize that a lack of iron is making them feel more tired than normal.
Fatigue and weakness are the most common symptoms of severe anemia. Other symptoms include:
Shortness of breath
Pale complexion
Chest pain
Irritability or poor concentration
An unpleasant urge to move your legs during periods of inactivity (restless legs syndrome)
Leg cramps
Craving nonfood items (pica) or ice to suck or chew on
Pale lips, inner eyelids, and the inside of your mouth
Spoon-shaped nails
Glossy tongue
Cracks in the corners of your mouth
You have understood the the symptoms of anemia and If you observed above symptoms conclude it as anemia...Take iron rich foods to avoid it. It is the crucial stage to protect yourself and unborn child..Take care....Brought to U


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