Rare birth defect in California

Rare birth defect in California

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Rare birth defect in California
Posted on 7th September 2015

Rare disease leaves California baby unable to be hugged, kissed or held
It's ‘the worst disease you’ve never heard of,’ says mom Kirsti Kinkle. Her infant daughter Kiira has recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.
To touch 2-month-old Kiira Kinkle is to risk tearing off her skin.
The California infant has a little-known genetic skin disorder called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, which causes her skin to blister or tear at the slightest touch.
"This is the worst disease you've never heard of," said Kirsti Kinkle, KCRA-TV reported.
As per my knowledge in Medical Astrology....Scientific Reasons::The mother has not taken Healthy food before and after Pregnancy. Generally any skin disease of by birth...due to the atmosphere i.e. pollution before birth.
Medical Astrology Reason:::Mercury is the main planet for skin disease ...If it defected during the time of SEX in 1. Parents birth Chart 2. Their Planetary periods and 3.Time of SEX the child will face SKIN problem by birth to know Scientific and Astrological reasons

My advise
1...   We face skin problems whenever our blood is polluted.   It is due to our unhealthy food, unhealthy life style..............
2....  If a child born due to skin problems then her mother's food was unhealthy before birth of the child.
3...   Water and Oxygen plays major roles to clean pollution in our blood,   In this case I noticed 1.. The mother has not taken sufficient water before and during her pregnancy i.e . before birth 
of the child        2... Oxygen levels in her body is depend on her food.  If she take unhealthy food which will consume more oxygen so that the child will not receive sufficient oxygen to clean his blood before birth.
4....  I advise every woman to follow healthy habits before conceiving to have Healthy child

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