Amount of caffeine and Tea in foods

Amount of caffeine and Tea in foods 

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Amount of caffeine in foods
Posted in 2015

If you wants to conceive avoid following foods to protect your health and your would be child's health

coffee, generic brewed8 oz95-200 mg
coffee, Starbucks brewed16 oz330 mg
coffee, Dunkin' Donuts brewed16 oz211 mg
caffé latte, misto, or cappuccino, Starbucks16 oz150 mg
caffé latte, misto, or cappuccino, Starbucks12 oz75 mg
espresso, Starbucks1 oz (1 shot )75 mg
espresso, generic1 oz (1 shot)64 mg
coffee, generic instant1 tsp granules31 mg
coffee, generic decaffeinated8 oz2 mg

black tea, brewed8 oz47 mg
green tea, brewed8 oz25 mg
black tea, decaffeinated8 oz2 mg
Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea latte16 oz95 mg
instant tea, unsweetened1 tsp powder26 mg
Snapple16 oz42 mg
Lipton Brisk iced tea
12 oz

My advise
1..   If you wants to conceive and to have healthy child
avoid above

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