Causes of birth defects... 2

Causes of birth defects... 2

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Causes of birth defects... 2
Posted in 2014

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug that causes birth defects. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a term used to describe the typical birth defects (learning disabilities, mental retardation, irritability, hyperactivity, poor coordination, and abnormalities of facial features) caused by maternal alcohol use. This early vulnerability of the developing baby has serious consequences. A woman might not be aware that she is several weeks pregnant and might unknowingly expose her unborn child to the effects of medicines, X-rays, recreational drugs, or alcohol during this most vulnerable period.
Another kind of environmental factor that causes birth defects is uterine constraint. The human fetus grows in its mother’s uterus and is surrounded by amniotic fluid (similar to being suspended in a bag of water) that cushions it from excessive pressure. If the sack of fibers that holds the fluid breaks, bands of fibers from the torn sack can press on the fetus and cause amniotic band syndrome (amputation of an arm or leg). An inadequate amount of amniotic fluid can cause excessive pressure on the entire baby, causing pulmonary hypoplasia (lack of development of the lungs).
Medical science has identified the cause of about 30% of birth defects. That means about 70% remain without a straightforward cause. These difficult-to-classify birth defects have multi-factoral causes, or the causes are simply unknown. Multi-factoral means that the defect is caused by a complicated combination of both genetic and environmental factors.

For example, some cases of spina bifida are caused by inadequate folic acid intake by pregnant women who have a mild deficiency in a particular chemical reaction of the body. The birth defect does not occur in the offspring of women with the defective chemical reaction if they take extra folic acid before and during the pregnancy; the defect occurs in the offspring of women who both have the defective chemical pathway and who do not take folic acid supplements.

My advise
1...   If you wants to give birth to Healthy child you should leave smoking, alcohol, junk foods.........
2...   Drink sufficient water
3...   Eat healthy food
4..    Develop positive thinking

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