Our mind plays major role of child birth

Our mind plays major role of child birth

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Our mind plays major role of child birth
Posted in 2016

Our mind plays Major Role for Giving Birth to the child
Every couple expects that their child should be Healthy and Brilliant but If the child is Defective either Physically or Mentally including Criminal Births their parents will be sad till the end of their life.
I researched on Defective births over 43 years and found the Cause.
I found mind plays major role for results of any work. Positive thinking of couple will give Healthy and Brilliant child.
I applied this principle on me..What ever work taken by me with due care are always Positive. The same principle is applied by couple given birth to Healthy and Brilliant child..I observed their body, nature, health and profession all are tallied with my principle.
Then I am advising the couple to practice positive thinking for at least 3 months before conceiving so as to avoid defective child births..

My advise
1...  After marriage every couple wish to have healthy and brilliant child.
2...  They visit many infertility hospitals to have a child but they don't think how to have child without defects.   As far as my knowledge is concerned no doctor advise them how their mind should be to have a child without birth defect either physically or mentally 
3..   Develop positive thinking before conceiving at least 3 months it will avoid birth defects either physically or mentally
4..   The couple should leave any kind of tensions if they have and be happy before conceiving.
5..   They should follow healthy habits and healthy life style before conceiving
6...  Wait for your healthy child

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