A finger of the hand not developed

A finger of the hand not developed

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A finger of the hand not developed
Posted on 13th April 2017

The above photo has been sent to me by Dr. Gitesh and asked me the cause of defect.
Let me explain you scientifically than I will write my advise to avoid it.

Of the 1% to 2% of babies born with congenital defects, 10% are born with malformations to the hand. These anomalies occur in early pregnancy and are sometimes diagnosed by ultrasound during pregnancy. When they are not, they often come as a surprise to parents. The cause of congenital hand anomalies is unknown.
Depending on the type and extent of a hand malformation, some babies may have little trouble adapting and functioning well. Others, however, may face various challenges as they grow and learn: 
  • Developmental problems such as delayed or deficient  motor skills
  • Difficulties with activities of daily living activities and basic self-care skills
  • Limitations on certain types of exercises and sports
  • Potential emotional and social harm from childhood teasing about appearance
If child is functioning well and is happy, treatment is not always necessary. If a child is having difficulty doing the things he or she wants to do because of a hand malformation, treatment options may be available.
I am telling you from the beginning that the water will avoid most of birth defects.   I suggest all when you wants to give birth to a healthy child you should start drinking water

My advise
1....  It is happened due to 1 mother has not taken sufficient water before pregnancy as to expand her internal parts when ever necessary ie in pregnancy 2. after pregnancy unborn child could move his hands  or  legs due congest  space... Therefore some fingers may bend or parts couldn't be enlarged......
2...   Water is the most important when you wants to give birth a healthy child. 
3...   If you drink sufficient water your internal parts will expand according to child's requirements and child development will be  healthy
4...  Drink sufficient water before conceiving and continue till delivery

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