Know about birth defect

Know about birth defect

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Know about birth defect
Posted in 2014

A birth defect is a significant abnormality of appearance, structure, or function that is present at birth. Birth defects are common. Two percent to 3% of live-born infants show one or more significant defects at birth. This number increases to approximately 5% by 1 year of age due to the discovery of defects that were not obvious at birth.
A birth defect can be visibly obvious, an internal defect, or a chemical imbalance within the body:
  • An example of a visibly obvious defect could be the absence of an arm or a hemangioma (blood vessel birthmark) on the surface of the skin.
  • An internal defect could be a malformed kidney or a ventricular septal defect (a hole between the lower chambers of the heart).
  • An example of a chemical imbalance would be phenylketonuria (a defect in a chemical reaction of the body that results in severe mental retardation).
An individual can have a single birth defect such as cleft lip (a gap in the upper lip) or multiple birth defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate (a hole in the roof of the mouth) together, or even cleft lip and cleft palate with associated birth defects of the brain, heart, and kidneys.
Not all birth defects are detectable at birth. Some, such as sickle cell anemia (a defect in red blood cells that causes severe anemia and bone pain) might not become apparent until the child is several months old. A malformed kidney might take years to be discovered.

Some birth defects might remain silent for many years. For example, Huntington disease is an inherited condition in which affected persons live normal lives for decades. Then, during middle age, they develop dementia and loss of control of their arms and legs.

My advise
1...   If you wants to give birth to Healthy child you should leave smoking, alcohol, junk foods.........
2...   Drink sufficient water
3...   Eat healthy food
4..    Develop positive thinking

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