Benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking water

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Benefits of drinking water
Posted in 2012

Benefits of Drinking Water 
1. Water Helps to Maximize Physical performance
Dehydration can have a noticeable effect if you lose as little as 2% of your body’s water content. However, it is not uncommon for athletes to lose up to 6-10% of their water weight via sweat.
This can lead to altered body temperature control, reduced motivation, increased fatigue and make exercise feel much more difficult, both physically and mentally
Optimal hydration has been shown to prevent this from happening, and may even reduce the oxidative stress that occurs during high intensity exercise. This is not surprising when you consider that muscle is about 80% water 
You have to drink to maintain water levels
2. To maintain Energy levels and Brain functions.
In a study of young women, fluid loss of 1.36% after exercise impaired both mood and concentration, and increased the frequency of headaches
Another similar study, this time in young men, showed that fluid loss of 1.59% was detrimental to working memory and increased feelings of anxiety and fatigue
A 1-3% fluid loss equals about 1.5-4.5 lbs (0.5-2 kg) of body weight loss for a 150 lbs (68 kg) person. This can easily occur through normal daily activities, let alone during exercise or high heat.
3. Headaches
Dehydration can trigger headaches and migraines in some individuals 
Several studies have shown that water can relieve headaches in those who are dehydrated
4. Help to relieve Constipation.
5. Help to avoid Kidney Stones
6. Help to prevent Hangovers
7. Help to Lose weight
See above benefits only with Drinking Water. For this you need not to spend money or visit to hospital or doctor. Just drink sufficient water.

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