Prevent diabetes

Prevent diabetes

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Prevent diabetes
Posted in 2017

World Health Day 2016: Five ways to prevent diabetes!
New Delhi: Every year on April 7, World Health Day is celebrated by World Health Organisation (WHO) throughout the world. The theme for this year is 'Beat Diabetes'.
Diabetes is caused mainly from unhealthy eating habits, stress and lack of physical activity. The two common forms of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. Type 1 is not preventable while the latter one can often be avoided. But one can reduce the risk of getting diabetes by following a healthy lifestyle.
You can prevent Diabetes if you follow
Lose weight
If you are overweight then try to lose weight as it increases the risk of developing diabetes. Weight loss will help you improve insulin resistance and health thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.
Eat Breakfast
Eating breakfast within two or three hours after waking up every day, will reduce the risk of developing diabetes. So,it is advisable to all not to skip breakfast.
Eat fibre
Increase the intake of foods high in fibre
Physical activity
One should exercise regularly as it contributes to weight loss which reduces the risk of getting diabetes. Exercise not only reduce weight but also improves the body's ability to use insulin properly that protects against developing diabetes.
Quit Smoking
If you are a smoker then quit the habit as it increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Quitting smoking will not only help prevent diabetes but also reduce the risk of associated health complications.
I advise every one to note the above and prevent Diabetes...Now You can enjoy with your Family.

My advise
1..   Type 2 diabetes is the cause of unhealthy food and unhealthy life style.
2...  Type 2 diabetes may cause of various health problems such as hypertension, paralysis, damage of many parts of our body out of which Kidneys, heart .................
3...  Avoid  sweets
4...  Follow healthy habits to protect yourself from Type 2 diabetes
5..   Eat more times with less quantity

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