Composition of our body

Composition of our body

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Composition of our body
Posted in 2013

We know the composition of our tasty food..If any thing is less or more you will not get the taste. So while preparing the tasty food will take care of ingredients...Similarly God created us with some ingredients so that our body functions will be good and stored all ingredients in sufficient quantity in your Healthy food ie Food grains, fruits, vegetables etc..
You know when you are using your two wheeler or four wheeler to fill fuel, to replace engine oils, to replace tires and tubes etc.. according to the usage.
Similarly while you are using your body for your daily activities you have to fill the ingredients which will be exhausted..For this you need not go any where..Just eat healthy food. You will be free from Health and infertility problems.
You know doctors will find the ingredients which are lacking by various Tests such as blood test, urine test etc..and prescribe the medicines which are contained lacking ingredients.
If you take balanced diet which will fill all ingredients needed

Some of important of our body are as under

Oxygen 65.0% Part of all major nutrients of tissues; vital to energy production
Carbon 18.5% Essential life element of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats; building blocks of cells
Hydrogen 9.5% Part of major nutrients; building blocks of cells
Nitrogen 3.3% Essential part of proteins, DNA, RNA; essential to most body functions
Calcium 1.5% Form nonliving bone parts; a messenger between cells
Phosphorous 1.0% Important to bone building; essential to cell energy

My advise
1...  More than half the human body is water. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. The rest of the human body is made mostly of hydrocarbons and proteins, which adds the elements carbon and nitrogen. Our bones add calcium to the mix. Those are the five major chemicals in the human body. In all however, in varying trace amounts, there are 60 chemical elements in the human body.
2..  I am focusing on Oxygen in many articles.  If oxygen is imbalanced our body cannot cure injuries or infections or other health problems.
3... I am also focusing on water as water contain Hydrogen and Oxygen.  The oxygen in the water is not sufficient to our body so we are breathing Oxygen every minute.
4... Carbon  enters in our body with our food as our food comes from plants or trees or agriculture which our body don't need.  While exhaling our body emitting carbon contents with oxygen as Carbon di oxide.
5... The most needed for us are Oxygen and water 

6..   All other compositions are as mentioned in image.
7...  If any is less we my face health problems
8...  All are available in our healthy food.  Eat well and protect your health

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