Vitamin A required to give birth to Healthy child

Vitamin A required to give birth to Healthy child

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Vitamin A required to give birth to Healthy child
Posted in 2014

Vitamin A:::We now know that vitamin A is necessary for the differentiation and patterning of all of the cells, tissues, and organs within the developing body. It is especially important for the development of the communication systems between the sense organs and the brain.
Even mild vitamin A deficiency compromises the number of functional units called nephrons in the kidneys, which could predispose a person to poor kidney function later in life.
Vitamin A is also necessary during fetal development and through adult life to maintain the presence of cells lining the lungs that are covered in hair-like projections called cilia.19 These hairs sweep away debris and foreign material, protecting the lungs from pollutants and infectious diseases. During and after the formation of all these systems, vitamin A is necessary for their continued growth.
We discussed the importance of Vitamin A...Your body required to maintain and unborn child's body required for development....Take can care to fulfill both requirements....

My advise
1...   Vitamin A required very small quantity when you wants to give birth to a child
2...   Vitamin A can avoid vision defects
3....  It is available in your food...

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