Fertility rates decreasing in US

Fertility rates decreasing in US

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Fertility rates decreasing in US
Posted in 2016

Fertility rates of Immigrants and Native born Mothers in US
For a population to replace itself, the fertility rate must exceed approximately 60 babies per 1,000 women a year. The fertility of native-born American women has been below the replacement level since the 1970s. The U.S. population has actually risen in the last four decades mainly because of immigration and relatively high rates of fertility among immigrants. But the fertility of immigrants also declined steeply following the recession, from 76 babies per 1,000 women in 2008 to 62 in 2013. The gap between the fertility rates for immigrants and U.S.-born women has narrowed from 21 to 12.
As far as my knowledge God has created all animals and us equally..
When animals can conceive with their Healthy food, healthy life style etc...
why we are suffering for conceiving? The answer is simple that we are forgetting our Healthy life style, Healthy food etc...
In every article I advised U to to follow Healthy food,healthy life style etc...the rest will be done by your body i.e. conceiving. For this you need not to move from your home or you need not spend...Just follow Healthy food, healthy life style etc...your dreams will be solved i,e to enjoy with your Healthy child. 

My advise
1....   Most of young couple are concentrate on Education,profession ...........and they forget about their functioning.
2...    Most of young people are taking junk food which is the reason of their infertility.
3....   Every one is rushing to earn and forgetting their body needs
4...    If you follow healthy habits from your childhood you will not face infertility problem..  Your body is natural and you can conceive naturally.
5....  I advise every couple to follow healthy habits to conceive.

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