Babies color will change over a time .. 2

Babies color will change over a time  ..  2

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Babies color will change over a time  ..  2
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#4. Baby skin is very thin
Your baby’s skin is very thin – delicate and sensitive at birth. That’s the reason you can see all the blood vessels and he/she needs an extra layer of clothing. This is why babies are kept covered with a cap and mittens even if they are born in summers. Look out for the cues – sweat, redness when the baby is hot and cold feet, blue skin tone when the baby feels cold. By the time, the baby is one year old, the skin thickens and isn’t that sensitive.
#5. Bathing your baby every day is not necessary
Your baby’s skin is sensitive, as pointed out earlier and doesn’t need to be washed every day. Too much washing can not only take away the natural oils of the baby’s skin and make it dry; it can also make your baby feel cold. Also, while bathing your baby, you may use only a pea-sized amount of any mild baby soap – as recommended by your paediatrician. Always check the temperature of water – it should be neither too hot nor too cold as baby skin gets burnt very easily.
#6. Touch is the best soother
Be it a cold or being unable to sleep, a mother’s touch is the best way to soothe your crying baby. Cuddling and hugging your little ones helps to release the love hormones and strengthens the mother-child bond. That’s the reason babies love to be massaged and caressed but don’t be too harsh. Always massage gently.

My advise
1...   Baby color will depend on parents color, climatic condition and will change  according to their food  and their thoughts before conceiving
2....  Before conceiving (if they are black)  they should drink sufficient water and eat a fruit containing Vitamin C regularly
3...   Follow healthy habits

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