Babies color will change over a time ...1

Babies color will change over a time ...1

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Babies color will change over a time ...1
Posted in 2017

#1. The baby’s complexion changes over time
Babies also have a thin coating of lanugo on their skin. These are very fine hairs which shed with time. Babies also have a white cheesy substance on their skin – vernix that protects them from the amniotic fluid while in utero. After birth, the nurses and doctors will very carefully clean up all the vernix and blood on your baby’s body. It can take anywhere between 1-6 months for your baby to get his permanent skin tone.
#2. Most babies also have a yellowish tinge on the skin
It is not surprising to find babies with a yellowish tinge on their skin. This is due to newborn jaundice and almost all babies have it. But, there is nothing to worry about, as it is very common. The degree of jaundice is very less and most doctors send the baby home within 3 days after birth. You can check with your paediatrician if your baby needs medical help.
#3. Mother’s hormones affect baby’s skin
Believe it or not, the crazy pregnancy hormones have now left your body and now they have got to your little one, through the placenta. The result is an excess production of oil on the baby’s skin. But, again, this excess oil will be flushed out from your child’s body within a few weeks. These hormones are also responsible for the crusty scaly substance on your baby’s scalp –Cradle Cap
Mommy, don’t worry as this can go away in some time and it doesn’t bother your baby anyway. Babies also tend to get rashes very quickly. If your baby has too much oil, you may also see Milia- Baby Acne but it’s not harmful.

My advise
1...   Baby color will depend on parents color, climatic condition and will change  according to their food  and their thoughts before conceiving
2....  Before conceiving (if they are black)  they should drink sufficient water and eat a fruit containing Vitamin C regularly
3...   Follow healthy habits

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