Lack of Oxygen effect your fertility ...2

Lack of Oxygen effect your fertility ...2

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Lack of Oxygen effect your fertility ...2
Posted in 2016


The findings of this study are remarkable. With this knowledge fertility doctors may soon be able to help women participating in IVF treatments choose eggs that are the most viable based on how much oxygen is present in the cumulus cells that surround them. Understanding what causes eggs to respond to the “biological clock” may lead to modifying ovarian stimulation protocols and can hopefully lead to more successful in vitro fertilization treatments all together.


Women are born with as many eggs as they will ever have; this is referred to as the, “ovarian reserve.” While every woman is different, by the age of 35 a sharp decline in fertility is exhibited and experiencing loss of ovarian reserve is normal. As the amount of eggs declines, the remaining eggs become less sensitive to follicle-stimulating hormones making it even more difficult to conceive. Concurrently, the decreased amount of oxygen in the cumulus cells surrounding oocytes causes degradation in quality of eggs. The diminished quality of eggs is normally exhibited as too many or not enough chromosomes, also known as aneuploidy. The combination of decreased sensitivity to FSH, diminished ovarian reserve, and decline in egg quality makes it extremely difficult for women over the age of 40 to bear a child. Sadly at this point in time there is nothing a woman is able to do to increase these oxygen levels or to protect her ovarian reserve.

My advise
1....  Oxygen is needed for all your cells to keep you healthy
2..... Oxygen is needed to keep your uterus health
3....  Oxygen is needed to develop brain, heart and kidney cell formation of your child
4....  Oxygen is needed to keep your blood and your child's blood clean to avoid skin and other infections
5...   Your body oxygen is depend on your food

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