Lighten baby's complexion

Lighten baby's complexion 

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Lighten baby's complexion
Posted in 2017

Now before I answer this, I wish to know from all those moms – Does your child’s complexion really matter so much? I think the complexion of your baby should be the last thing on your mind. The baby should be healthy and strong. Whatever is the complexion of your baby, he/she becomes your heartbeat and it doesn’t really matter if it is dark. And for all those who wish to lighten the complexion, I’d like to ask what’s the point? Once your child grows up and starts playing in the sun, or starts swimming, it’s all going to be the same again! And as an adult, your child will be known for the mannerisms he/she shows, his/her basic nature and the kind of person he is and not for their complexion.
Well, if you still wish to try something, you should focus on giving your child a healthy diet to make your child’s skin healthy. In order to make it glow, you can try one the following remedies after consulting your paediatrician:
ust mix 2-3 spoons of curd with a 1/4th teaspoon turmeric powder and one spoon of Bengal gram flour. Gently massage on the baby’s body before a bath and wash off with lukewarm water. This works very effectively as an anti-tanning pack.
#2. Massage
Massaging your child with almond oil and/or malai helps to lighten the skin a bit. Some people also swear by massaging with coconut oil before bathing for skin lightening.
#3. Raw potato
Just peel a raw potato and shred it. Now rub the shredded potato on your child’s body before a bath. Potato has bleaching properties and works as an exfoliator for dead skin cells.
#4. Moisturize
Keep your baby’s skin moisturized with a good mild body lotion as dry skin tends to look darker.
#5. Hydrate
Make your child drink lots of water to flush out all the toxins from the body.
#6. Aloe Vera Gel

Applying aloe vera gel on the face helps to make the skin glow as aloe vera gel contains antioxidants which help to remove dead skin cells.

My advise
1...   Baby color will depend on parents color, climatic condition and will change  according to their food  and their thoughts before conceiving
2....  Before conceiving (if they are black)  they should drink sufficient water and eat a fruit containing Vitamin C regularly
3...   Follow healthy habits

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