Skin color is determined in babies

Skin color is determined in babies

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Skin color is determined in babies
Posted in 2017

As Maurice Cherry said, skin color is primarily determined by melanin presence, an inherited trait. (Of course, this can obviously change over the course of a lifetime through environmental means such as sun exposure and skin conditions.) However, Adisa Nicholson suggests that skin color is based on one gene, which is misleading. Skin color is an example of polygenic inheritance, which means that multiple genes collectively influence phenotypic expression of the trait. There are actually several different genes that regulate a variety of processes of melanin production. Therefore, there is no one gene that determines skin color (we know there are at least eight loci involved), much less whether someone is "black or white."
This image hopefully scratches the surface of how complex genetic inheritance of skin color is. It illustrates how a number of different loci contribute to the determination of skin color, and you can see that it is a continuum rather than a dichotomy. The more "high pigmentation" genes a person has, the darker their skin. This is why most mixed-race children have an intermediate skin tone between their parents; it's not an all-or-nothing process. Where do you draw the line between "white" and "black" on this chart? Only 1/64 of possible combinations yield someone that is entirely white or entirely black, so it isn't surprising that there are relatively few people with 100% expression white skin or 100% expression black skin.

If this still doesn't make sense, try thinking about it differently. As an awkward analogy, imagine a room with a number of light switches that control different sets and numbers of lights. When all the switches are turned off, the room is dark. When all the switches are turned on, the room is bright. When some switches are on and others off, the room is partially lit, and you can change how light or dark it is depending on which switches you choose to keep on and off. Different skin colors are expressed in a similar way, by the way multiple genes are expressed in different ways. It's an imperfect example but it sort of illustrates that skin color inheritance is more complex than it appears.

Finally, look around you. Would anyone expect that one gene alone could be responsible for the subtle degrees of difference and high levels of diversity of skin color we see in the world?

My advise
1...  When black(wife) and white(husband)  couple wish to give birth to a child the wife must eat a fruit containing Vitamin C before conceiving for at least 3 months than the child's color will not be black as mother.
2..   After birth of the child she should continue eating fruit till she feeds her milk  will improve the color of the child
3...  Drink sufficient water

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