Select the right food for you

Select the right food for you

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Select the right food for you
Posted in 2013

Select the right food for U....
I told U many times times that your breathing is depend on your food..God has created us to take 6 lts of Oxygen per minute. It is irrespective height and weight.
I told U many times that your food must have the following characters 
1. It must be digested in minimum time.
2. Your mind and body must be active after taking the food
3. It must consume minimum Oxygen for digestion if you are pregnant. So that oxygen will be sufficient to your unborn child for development of his body. I also told U Oxygen is the most important to develop Mind i.e thinking power, imagination and to avoid Skin problems to your child. As a pregnant U cannot take more oxygen but you must adjust within the oxygen you have taken to fulfill your body requirements and your unborn child's requirements.
4. It must not have any side effects....
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