Development stages of Spermatogenesis

Development stages of Spermatogenesis

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Development stages of Spermatogenesis
Posted in 2013

In the course of spermatogenesis the germ cells move towards the lumen as they mature. The following developmental stages are thereby passed through:

  • A-spermatogonium
  • B-spermatogonium
  • Primary spermatocyte (= spermatocyte order I)
  • Secondary spermatocyte (= spermatocyte order II)
  • Spermatid
  • Sperm cell (= spermatozoon)

The spermatogenesis can be subdivided into two successive sections:
  • The first comprises the cells from the spermatogonium up to and including the secondary spermatocyte and is termed spermatocytogenesis.
  • The second one comprises the differentiation/maturation of the sperm cell, starting with the spermatid phase and is termed spermiogenesis (or spermiohistogenesis).

The approximate 64 day cycle of the spermatogenesis can be subdivided into four phases that last differing lengths of time:

Mitosis of the spermatogonia16 daysUp to the primary spermatocytes
First meiosis24 daysFor the division of the primary spermatocytes to form secondary spermatocytes
Second meiosisA few hoursFor engendering the spermatids
Spermiogenesis24 daysUp to the completed sperm cells
Total~64 days  

My advise
1....  To form healthy sperm to give birth to a Healthy child takes more than 64 days.
2... Generally when a male is entering in youth stage i.e. 15 to 18 years but full sperm structure develops after 21 years only
3... The male should be complete mature mentally i.e. when he can take right decision at what ever age may be he should give birth to the child.
4... They should follow healthy habits to form healthy sperm
5... Their mind should be mature before taking the decision to healthy child with super qualities.
6...  If the couple wish to give birth to Healthy and Brilliant child they should make a gap of 64 days
to have sex,,  They should eat healthy food and drink sufficient water.
7.... The couple should sleep 5 to 7 hours per day.

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