Child born without hands and legs

Child born without hands and legs

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Child born without hands and legs
Posted in 2013

Congenital limb defects occur when a portion or the entire upper or lower limb fails to form normally or does not form when the baby is developing in the uterus

The cause of congenital limb defects is unknown. However, risk factors that may increase the likelihood of a congenital limb defect include the following:
  • Conditions, such as genetic abnormalities, growth restriction, mechanical forces, that affect the baby in the uterus during development
  • Exposures by the mother to chemicals or viruses while pregnant
  • Specific medications
  • Possible exposure to tobacco smoke (more research is needed)
The most common congenital limb defects can be classified as follows:
  • Complete absence of the limb
  • Failure of the portion of the limb to separate (commonly seen in fingers or toes)
  • Duplication (commonly seen as extra fingers or toes)
  • Overgrowth, the limb is much larger than the normal limb
  • Undergrowth, the limb is much smaller than the normal limb
  • Congenital constriction band syndrome. Early rupture of the amnion (inner membranes that cover the fetus in utero and contains the amnionic fluid) resulting in bands that may become entangled in the extremities of the fetus, causing immobilization, constrictions of the limbs, amputations, and other deformities.
Congenital limb defects may also be associated with other bone conditions or syndromes. Always consult your child's doctor for a diagnosis.
Pregnant woman has to take 1. Healthy food 2. Water and 3. Air i.e. Oxygen as required to Mother'body and unborn child's body. If lack of any will give Defective Births.
As I explained in my Blogs your Healthy food contain all minerals, proteins, vitamins, nutrients etc...required to your body as well as your unborn child. The problem is due to insufficient CALCIUM and Vitamin K contents and Air. Every one on this Universe will take 6 lts of air per minute but our digestion system will consume according to the
Food taken by the Mother, Remaining air will reach to the Baby if it is insufficient the Baby will born Without Hands or Legs or both. Couples
food and life style is important to give birth to Healthy child. Please read all my blogs to know contents of your food which is Safe and no side effects. You can eat as much as you like but your body absorb as required. 

My advise
1.... Every couple should have clear vision about the child they are going to give birth.  For that they should take necessary steps.
2..   It is only possible with positive thinking..  Positive thinking is nothing but to plan for successful task and continue efforts till reaches Success.... The positive thinking will not come at once but should be practiced  or put efforts regularly before conceiving as you are planning to give birth to healthy child without defects
3..  Every couples task is to give birth to Healthy child for that  their bodies must be filled will all needed nutrients
4... In this case I found  a..  the couple dosn't have positive thinking  b..their bodies not filled with sufficient water and nutrients particularly Calcium and Vitamin K
5... I advise every couples to take care of all needed nutrients before conceiving
6... As per medical astrology  a.. At the time the couple union sign Gemini and Libra or Planets Mars and Saturn badly afflicted      b.  3rd house and 9th houses in their birth birth chart or transiting planets may be afflicted due to this the child born without arms and legs.
7... I clearly mentioned what planets, signs and houses denotes in my website Health and Health1
8..  The woman during her pregnancy exposed to chemicals or pesticides or chemicals used to clean toilets etc... if her resistance power is weak

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