Lack of Oxygen effect your fertility ...1

Lack of Oxygen effect your fertility ...1

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Lack of Oxygen effect your fertility ...1
Posted in 2016

In recent years many couples have put building a family on the back burner for many reasons. Whether it is to build a career or ensure financial stability, the consequences of delaying pregnancy can mean difficulty or inability to conceive for some couples. It is well known that as a woman ages her eggs become less viable. Scientists have been unable to discover what exactly caused the biological clock to tick; however, new research from the Yale School of Medicine provides an answer to that question along with hope that fertility doctors may be able to use this information to help older women become mothers.
After the age of 35 a woman’s ability to conceive a child and carry to term is significantly decreased. By the time she is 40 the chances of her conceiving is about five percent each ovulation cycle. By the time she reaches her mid-forties, the ability to bear children is, for most women, lost. The reason for this being that both the quantity and quality of eggs decreases. The team at Yale, set out to understand why the quality of eggs was degraded as women aged. Their findings were very interesting.


Researchers knew that after the age of 40 the cumulus cells that nurture eggs begings to  die. This causes the quality of the egg to be affected, decreasing chances of conception as well the odds of carrying a pregnancy to term. To understand what causes these cells to die, the team studied cumulus cells from patients under the age of 35 and cumulus cells of patients over 40. They found extreme differences in the RNA structure between the two groups. Lack of oxygen to these cells was found to be the main cause of dying off and disturbances in the RNA. Pasquale Patrizio, M.D., director of Yale Fertility Center and professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive sciences said, “Our data show that cumulus cells from older women are affected by chronic exposure to suboptimal oxygen levels, as indicated by an increased expression of hypoxia-induced genes when compared to the same cells collected in younger patients.”

My advise
1....  Oxygen is needed for all your cells to keep you healthy
2..... Oxygen is needed to keep your uterus health
3....  Oxygen is needed to develop brain, heart and kidney cell formation of your child
4....  Oxygen is needed to keep your blood and your child's blood clean to avoid skin and other infections
5...   Your body oxygen is depend on your food

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