More time to conceive if your age is advanced

More time to conceive if your age is advanced

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More time to conceive if your age is advanced
Posted in 2013

Your chance of conceiving quickly does depend on your age. Women are most fertile between the ages of 20 and 24. It can take much longer to get pregnant when you hit your late 30s or early 40s. You may have problems conceiving at all.
Over 80 per cent of couples will conceive within a year if they stop using contraception and have regular sex. Regular sex means making love every two to three days throughout your cycle. This gives you the best chance of conceiving.
About half of the women who don't get pregnant in the first year conceive during the following year, giving a pregnancy rate of 92 per cent within two years. So it pays to keep trying.
Figures for women aged 30 to 34 and aged 35 to 39 are fairly similar, with 94 per cent and 90 per cent conceiving within two years, respectively.
Because natural conception rates are so good given time, it's usually recommended that you only seek help from your GP if you haven't conceived after a year of having a regular sex (two to three times a week). But if you are over 35, and finding that positive pregnancy test elusive, it is important to seek help sooner rather than later.
I told U many times that your age plays major role to conceive. I advise every woman not to prolong for giving birth to Healthy child. Your body is natural and you can conceive naturally. In our nature God has put all nutrients needed for U to conceive in your Healthy food...Use it and give birth to Healthy child...

My advise
1...    Every woman by birth is 100% fertile
2....   Before 25 years of your age  your body parts are active and release healthy eggs which will give Healthy child.
3...    After 30 years of age your infertility rate will be increased rapidly and takes much time to conceive.   The eggs will not be healthy if you are facing any health problem and taking medicines.which results defective child birth
4...    Drink sufficient water to protect your uterus and follow healthy habits to be healthy so that your eggs will be healthy.

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