We need energy to do any work.... 10

We need energy to do any work....  10

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We need energy to do any work....  10
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Please tell me answer to it..Some one will tell we are hungry..some will tell we cannot do work due to hungry.........................
I will tell U what you need to run your two/four wheeler ie. Fuel 
ie Petrol or Diesel oil...If you have two or more vehicles. You filled fuel in all and use one daily. Some vehicle will give U more mileage some vehicle give U less mileage. If you wants to go far distance on your vehicles daily. By using one vehicle you have fill 2 times while another you have fill 3 times....but the distance is same. Please tell me Why you need to fill different times. Because depend upon the engine capacity one need to fill according to the work. Similarly every one needs food according to his body activities. You are spending
energy for work you are doing ex:::seeing, working according to your profession, sitting etc...your heart function, breathing your body cleaning, removing unwanted items from your body with your stool, urine ..your body works 24 hours non stop. It also needs energy..
Now we will discuss in details daily. Our fuel is healthy food.
We will get energy with our food. What ever you eat ::food grains, such as rice, wheat etc...fruits,,,banana, apples etc..oils... gives you some energy
Do you know that more than 60% Infertility problems, health problems are only due to Unhealthy food. God created us to enjoy the life for 100 years without any health problem and give birth to Healthy child.
The main cause of Defective births, miscarriages etc..only unhealthy food. Read my blogs on Nutrition Values, Mineral Values, Required Nutrition and Fertility to avoid such births.
Let us start discuss topic one by one.

8...If U wants to conceive...11
How animals conceive?
Every year about 90 million children are taking birth as Defective in this world... Even we have medical facilities, Expert doctors guidance, sophisticated Hospitals etc.....Our scientists and doctors are working very hard to avoid defective births by giving their valuable guidance to us...I am very thankful to them for their noble services. 
I observed on animals and their life style. they are taking 1. Breathing air 2. Drinking water and 3. Eating healthy food. Every animal pick their food according to its physical structure.

 8...If U wants to conceive...12
Wait to enjoy with your child'
Every couple wish to have Healthy child. When ever they decided to be become parents they should follow 
1. Positive thinking
2. Taking healthy food
3. Drinking sufficient water
4. Sleeping minimum of 5 hours
5. Relaxing when your body and mind are tired.
Now you can wait to enjoy with your Healthy and Brilliant child. 
I told U many times that what ever nutrients we need are stored in our food...All animals are following and giving birth to their child naturally. It is natural process of all animals including us. Due to their innocence the animals do not apply their mind and they simply follow nature. It is the secret of their life style and giving birth to Healthy child.
 The cost healthy food is always cheaper that junk food  is beneficial to your body. When any food gives U more calories which is excess to your body will cause U obesity. Beware of obesity risk.
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