Every woman born with 100% Fertility

Every woman born with 100% Fertility

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Every woman born with 100% Fertility
Posted in 30th January 2017

Woman fertility 100% decreases to 0%
A woman’s age affects her fertility
Age is no barrier to achieving many things. But it can reduce the chance of a woman getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. A woman’s age is the single most important factor affecting her fertility.
Fertility is ageist
Age is the single most important factor affecting your fertility and your chances of having a child.
Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. As a woman ages, her eggs age with her, diminishing in quantity and quality.
Age is not something we can control. But if you want a baby or another baby, and you’re in a relationship, you can have a conversation with your partner sooner rather than later.
The father’s age can also impact on chance of conception, time to pregnancy, risk of miscarriage and the health of the child.
The facts about women, age and fertility
As a woman ages, it takes longer to conceive and the risk of not being able to get pregnant increases. Also, the risk of miscarriage, and complications in pregnancy and childbirth, increase.
I advise every woman not to prolong for various reasons...Once your age is advanced your infertility Starts.....

My advise
1....  Studies report that people may delay parenthood until 35 or older for a number of reasons.
2... These reasons include women reaching higher education levels, establishing their career, improved methods of contraception, social and cultural shifts that have left women feeling not ready to have children, lack of childcare, low benefit levels, inflexible workplace policies, economic or housing uncertainty, and unemployment.
3... Another reason why women are going through pregnancy later in life could be down to improved fertility options, such as IVF.
4... Pregnant women over the age of 35 and having their first baby have been termed as being advanced maternal age (AMA) or older mothers, or they are being referred to as an elderly primigravida or elderly primipara. The terms "advanced age" and "elderly" have negative connotations for someone of just 35 years. Are these terms unfounded, or does being over 35 pose a serious risk for the mother and baby?
5... Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have. As females age, the likelihood that they will get pregnant reduces due to the declining number of remaining eggs and their reduced quality.
6... One study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, found that among women who received artificial insemination, 74 percent of those under 31 years old were pregnant within a year. However, this decreased to 61 percent of individuals between the ages of 31 to 34, and it further declined to 54 percent of women aged 35 and over.
7... I advise every woman to conceive early to have Healthy child.
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