Causes of Miscarriage ...1

Causes of Miscarriage ...1

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Causes of Miscarriage ...1
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Pregnany...Miscarriage. Now I will tell U what causes for Miscarriage?
What Causes Miscarriage?
The medical term for a miscarriage is spontaneous abortion, but the condition is not an abortion in the common definition of that term.
The causes of miscarriage are not well understood. Most of the miscarriages that occur in the first trimester of pregnancy are caused by chromosomal abnormalities in the baby. Chromosomes are tiny structures inside the cells of the body which carry many genes. Genes determine all of a person's physical attributes, such as sex, hair and eye color, and blood type. Most chromosomal problems occur by chance and are not related to the mother's or father's health.
Miscarriages are also caused by a variety of other factors, including:
Exposure to environmental and workplace hazards, such as high levels of radiation or toxic agents
Hormonal problems
Uterine abnormalities
Incompetent cervix (the cervix begins to widen and open too early, in the middle of pregnancy, without signs of pain or labor)
Lifestyle factors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs
Disorders of the immune system, including lupus
Severe kidney disease
Congenital heart disease
Diabetes that is not controlled
Thyroid disease
Certain medications, such as the acne drug Accutane
Severe malnutrition
In addition, women may be at increased risk for miscarriage as they age. Studies show that the risk of miscarriage is 12% to 15% for women in their 20s, and rises to about 25% for women at age 40. The increased incidence of chromosomal abnormalities contributes to the age-related risk of miscarriage.
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