Your unhealthy food is the main cause THYROID in your pregnancy

Your unhealthy food is the main cause THYROID in your pregnancy

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Your unhealthy food is the main cause THYROID in your pregnancy
Posted in 2014

Thyroid during Pregnancy
HORMONE CHANGES. A normal pregnancy results in a number of important physiological and hormonal changes that alter thyroid function. These changes mean that laboratory tests of thyroid function must be interpreted with caution during pregnancy. Thyroid function tests change during pregnancy due to the influence of two main hormones: human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the hormone that is measured in the pregnancy test and estrogen, the main female hormone. HCG can weakly turn on the thyroid and the high circulating hCG levels in the first trimester may result in a slightly low TSH (called subclinical hyperthyroidism). When this occurs, the TSH will be slightly decreased in the first trimester and then return to normal throughout the duration of pregnancy . Estrogen increases the amount of thyroid hormone binding proteins in the serum which increases the total thyroid hormone levels in the blood since >99% of the thyroid hormones in the blood are bound to these proteins. However, measurements of “Free” hormone (that not bound to protein, representing the active form of the hormone) usually remain normal. The thyroid is functioning normally if the TSH, Free T4 and Free T3 are all normal throughout pregnancy.
SIZE CHANGES. The thyroid gland can increase in size during pregnancy (enlarged thyroid = goiter). However, pregnancy-associated goiters occur much more frequently in iodine-deficient areas of the world. It is relatively uncommon in the United States, which is thought to be relatively iodine-sufficient. If very sensitive imaging techniques (ultrasound) are used, it is possible to detect an increase in thyroid volume in some women. This is usually only a 10-15% increase in size and is not typically apparent on physical examination by the physician. However, sometimes a significant goiter may develop and prompt the doctor to measure tests of thyroid function.
I advice every woman not to eat spicy, oily foods in Pregnancy.
You should take care of your food which may cause damage to your Thyroid Gland. So Avoid such food and follow Healthy food to protect your self and give birth to Healthy child.

My advise
1...  Your unhealthy food is the main cause of thyroid
2...   If you have thyroid problem you would be child may have birth defects...Bones,
3..    Follow Healthy food and give birth to Healthy child

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