Alcohol effects on Male fertility ...1

Alcohol effects on Male fertility ...1

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Alcohol effects on Male fertility ...1
Posted in 2016

Effect on Sperm count and quality
Alcohol can be extremely harmful to the male reproductive system. It is toxic to the testicles and affects the all-important cells that are involved in making sperm and producing the male hormone testosterone. It also seems to affect hormone production at the level of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain.
So not only does alcohol have a detrimental affect on the testicles themselves, it also upsets the delicate balance of hormones necessary for normal, healthy sperm production.
Chronic heavy drinking can cause shrinkage of the testicles (ouch!) and decreased testosterone production. This can result in impotence (the infamous ‘brewer’s droop’), the loss of male characteristics (for example reduced facial and chest hair), the development of ‘man-boobs’ and the deposition of more fat on the hips. In cases of alcohol abuse, it can also cause infertility.
A number of studies have found that heavy alcohol consumption in men appears to affect sperm count and sperm quality. The shape (or morphology) of the sperm seems to be particularly affected, which may reduce their ability to fertilize the egg.
And it might not just be heavy drinkers that risk damaging their sperm. Even moderate alcohol consumption appears to affect sperm count and quality.
In one study, moderate alcohol consumption of 5 or more units a week (1 unit of alcohol was described as 1 beer, a glass of wine or 40ml of spirits), was found to be associated with decreased sperm count and sperm quality, although the effects were more obvious in men who typically drank more than 25 units a week. Hormone changes were also experienced at these levels of consumption.
The good news is, that abstaining from alcohol can reverse the harmful effects on sperm production and quality. Sperm take up to 72 days to mature however, so the positive effects that you gain from abstaining probably won’t ‘kick in’ for about 2 – 3 months, possibly longer.

My advise
1...  Alcohol effects on health which are serious. 
Some of 1. Liver Problem 2. Pancreatitis 3..Cancer   4..  Ulcers & Gastrointestinal Problems   5... Immune system  dysfunction   6...Brain Damage        7.... Malnourishment and vitamin deficiency  8.. Osteoporosis  9..  Heart problems and Cardiovascular problems   and   10... Accidents and injuries
2...  The child born to alcoholic parents may be
 Liver problem  or nervous problem or heart problem or brain disorders or ulcers by birth or weak bones etc...
3...  So I advise every couples to leave this habit(if any) and follow healthy habits to have healthy child.

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