Alcohol effects on Female fertility ... 8

Alcohol effects on Female fertility ... 8

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Alcohol effects on Female fertility ... 8
Posted in 2016

On your breast feeding

Levels of alcohol in breast milk remain close to those in the mother’s bloodstream. Levels will be at their highest between 30 and 60 minutes after drinking, or 60-90 minutes if you’ve been drinking with a meal. It takes one to two hours for a unit of alcohol (a small glass of wine, or half a pint of ordinary-strength beer) to clear from a mother's blood.
If you’re breastfeeding and have drunk alcohol, your baby’s sleep patterns may be disrupted. A study has found that babies that had alcohol via breast milk slept for 25% less time than those that had no alcohol.
Research has also shown that alcohol can reduce the amount of milk breastfeeding women produce. This may be due to alcohol disrupting the hormones that control the production of breast milk.2  Other studies have shown that babies take around 20% less milk if there’s alcohol present, so they’ll need to feed more often. 

My advise
1...  Alcohol effects on health which are serious. 
Some of 1. Liver Problem 2. Pancreatitis 3..Cancer   4..  Ulcers & Gastrointestinal Problems   5... Immune system  dysfunction   6...Brain Damage        7.... Malnourishment and vitamin deficiency  8.. Osteoporosis  9..  Heart problems and Cardiovascular problems   and   10... Accidents and injuries
2...  The child born to alcoholic parents may be
 Liver problem  or nervous problem or heart problem or brain disorders or ulcers by birth or weak bones etc...
3...  So I advise every couples to leave this habit(if any) and follow healthy habits to have healthy child.

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