Junk food on Male Fertility ...3

Junk food on Male Fertility ...3

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Junk food on Male Fertility ...3
Posted in 2014

How Can Phthalates Affect Male Fertility?
Phthalates are a chemical used to make plastic more flexible so it does not break as easily. They are commonly found not just in fast food, but in many different kinds of processed and packaged foods. While common, these additives may not be as safe as food manufacturers originally thought. The CDC has released a fact sheet on phthalates that suggests they can pose a particular risk to reproductive health.
People are usually exposed to phthalates by eating foods that have had contact with plastic bearing this chemical. Once in the human body, phthalates are broken down into smaller particles that interfere with hormonal activity that regulates the endocrine and reproductive systems. While the exact way they do this is not known, phthalate metabolites appear to mimic certain hormones. Phthalates are then quickly cleared from the blood and excreted in urine, which is why urine tests are a good indicator of exposure. Small amounts of phthalate exposure are inevitable in the modern world due to the prevalence of plastic, but consistent exposure can lead to long term effects.
My advise
1...  Junk food not only shows adverse effect of Male fertility but also the sperm count drops rapidly
2...  Junk food cause various health problems like Heart attacks, strokes etc..
3...  I have seen some children with birth defects.  They are obese or born with heart problems or liver problems or lack of brain functions etc....
4...  So prevent your child from various birth defects as said above with your Healthy food.

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