Junk food is harm to woman and unborn child...3

Junk food is harm to woman and unborn child...3

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Junk food is harm to woman and unborn child...3
Posted in 2014

5. Alters Brain Chemistry

Parents who eat junk foods during pregnancy alter their kids’ brain chemistries and program them to be addicted to unhealthy food sources. Children will no longer experience “the-feel-good” hormones through eating healthy food and thus be in bad physical/mental shape.  Your unborn child experiences it before birth and it effects on the brain of your child

6. Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Junk food goes hand-in-hand with heart disease. If you continue to advocate the habit of junk food, your kids will experience these risks early on in their lives and so will you.  Your child may effect heart problem before birth.

7. Junk Food Addiction

When you eat too much junk food, your reward system goes out of whack in the brain, leaving you desensitized to healthier alternatives.   It also causes addition to your child before birth.
My advise
1...  Junk food not only shows adverse effect of female fertility but also the egg quality  drops rapidly
2...  Junk food cause various health problems like Heart attacks, strokes etc..
3...  I have seen some children with birth defects.  They are obese or born with heart problems or liver problems or lack of brain functions etc....
4...  So prevent your child from various birth defects as said above with your Healthy food.
5.... When you eat junk food  during your pregnancy it may cause brain disorders, heart problems etc ... to your child..  So don't eat junk foods and prevent above problems to your child.
6..   When you eat junk food during your pregnancy it may addict to your child.   Prevent addiction  and obese problems to your child.

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