Junk food is harm to woman and unborn child...4

Junk food is harm to woman and unborn child...4

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Junk food is harm to woman and unborn child...4
Posted in 2014

8. Genetic Abnormalities

According to a study conducted on pregnant rats, consuming junk foods lead to a dysfunctional peripheral insulin functioning in the body along with mitochondrial abnormalities in female children.  
From your generation child may born with many abnormalities.  Generally it is called as Genetic abnormalities.  So protect your child as well as your future generation.

9. Digestive Problems

Junk foods cause bloating, indigestion and gas, and interfere with your regular cycles of healthy bowel movements. Since they don’t have essential fibre content, your digestive health takes a plummet.

10. High Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Junk foods lead to an increased risk of gestational diabetes since they are high in sugar and calorific content.  Gestational diabetes can create serious problems during pregnancy and delivery. Your baby may be born with excess birth weight or be at risk of preterm birth.
Many children are facing Type 1 Diabetice due to the parents unhealthy food.  These children life span is very less and may cause various health problems from child hood.   See the above photo of the child whose parents have not taken healthy food before and after pregnancy.  due to it the child born with Type 1 Diabetic.   This child has to suffer a lot with many health problems
So I advise every couple to follow healthy habits 
My advise
1...  Junk food not only shows adverse effect of female fertility but also the egg quality  drops rapidly
2...  Junk food cause various health problems like Heart attacks, strokes etc..
3...  I have seen some children with birth defects.  They are obese or born with heart problems or liver problems or lack of brain functions etc....
4...  So prevent your child from various birth defects as said above with your Healthy food.
5..   Genetic abnormalities may develop due to junk foods.
6..   The child may be suffer from Type 1 Diabetes which leads to many health problems to the child... Prevent your child from health problems.

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