Dehydration during your pregnancy .. 1

Dehydration during your pregnancy .. 1

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Dehydration during your pregnancy .. 1
Posted in 2014

Should you be concerned about dehydration during pregnancy? The answer is yes. Dehydration is the result of your body losing water faster than you are taking it in. It is a serious issue for the health and wellness of anyone, but for pregnant women, it is especially important to stay well-hydrated.
As a pregnant woman, you need more water than the average person, since water plays an important role in the healthy development of your baby. Water helps to form the placenta, which is what your baby relies on to receive nutrients during pregnancy. Water is also used to form the amniotic sac later in your pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to avoid dehydration during pregnancy.
My advise
1...  If you are dehydrate during your pregnancy may harm to your unborn child.
2...  Your unborn child's brain needs sufficient water to form and activate all cells.   If you are dehydrated it effects on your unborn child's brain which results he may be mentally inactive.
3...   Your unborn child's body also need water for all his body functions..  If you you are dehydrated some of the body parts of your child  may not be activated which results birth defects.
4...   Through out of your pregnancy drink sufficient water to meet your body requirement and your child's body also.

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