Alcohol effects on Male fertility ... 3

Alcohol effects on Male fertility ... 3

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Alcohol effects on Male fertility ... 3
Posted in 2016

Unfortunately there’s no clear-cut answer to this question. Not everyone will be affected by the same amount of alcohol in the same way. But based on the research so far, it appears that sperm quality (and the chances of a successful IVF baby), start being affected at levels of just 5 or 6 standard drinks a week. That’s about one 330ml can of beer a day 
The bottom line is, that if you want to conceive, drinking alcohol is not going to be doing you any favors, and drinking every day or binge drinking is definitely a practice to be avoided. If you are a heavy drinker, then cutting back your alcohol intake will not only have a positive impact on your general health and well being, it will undoubtedly help to boost the quality of your sperm.
If having an occasional beer or having a glass of wine once or twice a week is part of your normal lifestyle, it’s unlikely to impact on your ability to conceive. However if your sperm are already subpar, or if you and your partner are having problems getting pregnant, it might be time to quit. It doesn’t have to be forever; the 3 – 4 months prior to conception is the critical time for optimizing sperm health.
Alcohol is detrimental to female fertility too and drinking during pregnancy is not advised. So limiting or giving up alcohol, together with your partner, might be a great opportunity to support each other in optimizing your fertility as a couple – and to ensure the best possible health of your baby.
My advise
1...  Alcohol effects on health which are serious. 
Some of 1. Liver Problem 2. Pancreatitis 3..Cancer   4..  Ulcers & Gastrointestinal Problems   5... Immune system  dysfunction   6...Brain Damage        7.... Malnourishment and vitamin deficiency  8.. Osteoporosis  9..  Heart problems and Cardiovascular problems   and   10... Accidents and injuries
2...  The child born to alcoholic parents may be
 Liver problem  or nervous problem or heart problem or brain disorders or ulcers by birth or weak bones etc...
3...  So I advise every couples to leave this habit(if any) and follow healthy habits to have healthy child.

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