Your eating impact on your health 3

Your eating impact on your health 3

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Your eating impact on your health 3
Posted in 2015

5. Reduced weight

A good reduced fat, nutrient rich diet can reduce weight drastically. Along with a trim waistline, you also reduce risks of diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.
With high-fat diets, you run the danger of constricted or low flow blood vessels in the body. Improving nutrient intake can boost the effectiveness of oxygen retention in the blood. The oxygen then goes to vital areas and improves energy creation.
How to improve health: Eat any food with moderate fats and carbohydrates, such as vegetables and limited amounts of fruits

6. Longer life

Your lifespan and health improves by applying all the previous steps. By improving brain, heart, mood, skin, and more, your likelihood of living a full, healthy life increases. Keep repeating the above steps and, if you are interested in more techniques, contact Absolute Life Wellness Center.

My advise
1...  Your  food is directly impact on your health, mood and fertility
2..   If you take healthy food it will improve your concentration on your work and improve thinking power, it will improve your health and it will improve your fertlity
3...  So take healthy food which will improve overall your health

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