Your eating impact on your health 1

Your eating impact on your health 1

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Your eating impact on your health 1
Posted in 2015

1. More energy

If your health is deficient in Vitamin C, B12, and folate, you could suffer from acute fatigue. Fatigue can lead to loss of energy, which can worsen many other conditions for your health.
Improving your diet with these vitamins decreases what is known as vitamin deficiency anemia. What is interesting is that vitamins don’t directly produce energy. Instead, the lack of these items in your diet can lead to fatigue. Simply keeping a healthy intake of vitamins and minerals will help your energy improve.
How to improve health: Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll, magnesium, and simple sugars. You can find these in foods such as fish, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Reduced risk of disease

It is thought that foods high in cholesterol and saturated fats can lead to cancer, heart disease, and more. When digested, these foods can result in blockages of important chemicals. If your diet is also not rich in necessary nutrients, cholesterol and saturated fats can do even more damage.
The solution is more complex than just eating more fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet rich in fiber can help digest fats and cholesterol even more, which improves health and lessens chance of disease.
How to improve health: Eat food such as apples, dried figs, nuts, almonds, raw carrots, and other rich fiber foods

My advise
1...  Your  food is directly impact on your health, mood and fertility
2..   If you take healthy food it will improve your concentration on your work and improve thinking power, it will improve your health and it will improve your fertlity
3...  So take healthy food which will improve overall your health

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