Your child needs more Oxygen before birth

Your child needs more Oxygen before birth

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Your child needs more Oxygen before birth
Posted in 2016

A good digestive tract, as any gastroenterologist will tell you, is the cornerstone to good health. When your gastrointestinal tract is working right, you digest food efficiently and distribute all the necessary nutrients to every cell.
When you don't get enough oxygen, your digestion become irregular and your body doesn't get the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients it needs. This is why some of us always feel hungry. Our inefficient cells are constantly starved.
When we breathe into our chests, we release adrenaline into our systems, which slows our digestion. The energy then goes into our muscles. This is why our muscles often feel tight and we experience aches and pains. If we breathe deeply into our bellies, our autonomic nervous system goes off “alert," our muscles relax and our digestive system kicks back in. Deep breathing increases gastrointestinal peristalsis (the involuntary muscle contractions of your intestines), blood flow, and food absorption.
When a woman wants to give birth to a Healthy Child...Oxygen taken by the mother 1. is helpful to develop all parts of the unborn Child 2. is helpful to develop brain function of unborn child 3. is helpful to clean the blood of unborn child ..which results no skin
The mother's breathing is depend on the Food...Non Veg, oily foods, spicy foods etc..will consume more oxygen due to which the unborn child will not get sufficient Oxygen to develop his body parts, brain functions, due to insufficient oxygen the blood is nor purified which results the Child will born with Skin Diseases, infections etc....The photo of the child born with skin disease is given to educate every couple.
So I advise every couple wants to give birth to Healthy child should take care of their Food. To know the contents of your food see my blogs visit


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