Water helps you to conceive ...3

Water helps you to conceive ...3

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Water helps you to conceive ...3
Posted in 2017

Since last 15 years I am telling about water helps to conceive. But most of the people didn't believe me and visited to various fertility hospitals...After failure and facing abortions or miscarriages they asked me how to fulfill their desire or goal. I am telling you that your body is natural and acts naturally....It doesn't require medicines or operations. Have you seen any animal is visiting to Fertility hospitals?No..It is God's gift to all including us.   .Every doctor will learn and apply on animals only during their education or research...No one will directly apply on human beings.. Because our body is similar to animals and functions are also similar. That is the reason human beings are included in Zoology. There no special subject for us. Now our topic is how water helps to conceive. See regularly to know more.
11... your body expands during pregnancy
Dry skin, itching and skin disease to your child
Getting enough water combats dry skin, and can relieve discomfort associated with dry, itchy skin. 
Source: What to Expect

12... your body expands during pregnancy
People often think that drinking lots of water leads to water-weight gain, but that's simply not the case. In fact, drinking lots of water helps keep excess water retention under control and away from your ankles. 
Source: What to Expect
 13... your body expands during pregnancy
Water is one of the most basic nutrients for all body processes, getting pregnant included. By making sure you are drinking enough water, you can help improve your chances of getting pregnant.
Your body require Oxygen, Water and Healthy food..Without your personal involvement your body takes Oxygen. You will take food when your body sends U signals in your stomach in the form of HUNGRY but you are neglecting your body requirements of Water...It is one of the main cause of Infertility. So drink sufficient water to conceive...

14... your body expands during pregnancy
Fact about drinking enough water
The fact is, if drinking enough water is important for regular body processes and functions, you can guarantee that drinking enough water will be EVEN more important for women who are actively trying to get pregnant. First of all, your overall health is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you will be able to get pregnant. By drinking enough water, you will improve and maintain your overall health, which is an important part of getting pregnant. Water helps your body function in all of its processes, ovulation, fertilization, and pregnancy included.

15... your body expands during pregnancy
Waters helps uterus health
Water supports a ton of reproductive processes as well. By drinking enough water, you can ensure that your uterus is healthy enough for an embryo to implant. If an embryo fails to implant, it can result in a miscarriage, so it is important to do everything you can to keep your uterus healthy and ready to carry a baby should you become pregnant.

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