You can prevent Defective births

You can prevent Defective births

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You can prevent Defective births
Posted in 2016

Defects of limbs, heart and spinal cord together represent about half of all abnormalities.
The most common kinds of defect are those affecting the limbs (arms and legs). These include missing or extra fingers or toes, deficiencies in limb length, and abnormalities in positioning, such as club foot.
Heart abnormalities represent the next most common category of defect. Common heart defects include 'holes in the heart' where blood can pass from one side of the heart to the other. Again, these may not all be detected at birth.
The third most common kind of defect affects the spinal cord, such as spina bifida.
Other defects commonly observed include those affecting the face (such as cleft lip and palate), problems with the development of the intestines and stomach, and problems affecting the sexual organs.
Major chromosomal problems, such as Down's syndrome (Trisomy 21), are found in about 0.15 per cent of births (about three babies in every 2000).
i researched on defective births and found that if couple take care of Healthy life style, Healthy food etc...can prevent birth defects. They should be careful of their medicines(Some medicines) -- which will give side effects or reactions due to which many couple lost their pregnancies or give birth to defective child...Beside this their life style and mind plays major role to avoid such births.
I wish every couple should Enjoy with their Healthy is only possible with your Healthy food, Healthy life style know the contents of your food visit my blogs whose links are available in my website


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