Diabetes and pregnancy ... 8

Diabetes and pregnancy ... 8

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Diabetes and Pregnancy ... 8
Posted in 2017

I heard about Diabetes in my childhood and everyone called it as Sugar disease.....I asked many doctors about it they said when sugar is in our blood it is called Diabetes. I have several doubts that how sugar is entered in our blood.
I have seen some defective children and inquired about their birth cause...Medical experts said when the couple is suffering from Diabetes the child may be defective. I researched on it and wish to share my knowledge with U so that you can take necessary steps to avoid defective births.

19......My advise
I have seen many couples those who have not taken any steps to control their diabetes and cried after abortion or miscarriage or................................
You are taking precautions on everything in your life and avoiding from losses or accidents or unfortunate things...I appreciate U and similarly take precautions to be healthy with your healthy child. Please follow my suggestions to have Healthy child.
1....Before conceive take Diabetic test report both couple because Wife and husband are equally responsible for Healthy child.
2....If you are diabetic than take Healthy food along with medicines to control your diabetic reading.
3....Follow healthy habits..
4....Think positively
5....Observe your diabetic reading for 3 months if it is with in the range than you can ..
6....Try for pregnancy .
If U follow above U need not to worry about your health and you will have healthy child....

So don't plan to conceive if you are suffering with diabetes...Control it and than plan for healthy child. I told U many times that PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE....If you follow Healthy habits you are free from DIABETES
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