Diabetes and Pregnancy ..3

Diabetes and Pregnancy ..3

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Diabetes and Pregnancy ..3
Posted in 2017

I heard about Diabetes in my childhood and everyone called it as Sugar disease.....I asked many doctors about it they said when sugar is in our blood it is called Diabetes. I have several doubts that how sugar is entered in our blood.
I have seen some defective children and inquired about their birth cause...Medical experts said when the couple is suffering from Diabetes the child may be defective. I researched on it and wish to share my knowledge with U so that you can take necessary steps to avoid defective births.
I wish to discuss 1. Couples suffering with Diabetes before Conceive. 2, Couples suffering with Diabetes after conceive

7..... How does diabetes affect my body?
Over time, high blood sugar levels (also called hyperglycemia) can lead to kidney disease, heart disease and blindness. The excess sugar in the bloodstream can damage the tiny blood vessels in your eyes and kidneys, and can harden or narrow your arteries.
No disease damage other parts except it effected but diabetes will damage all most all parts if not controlled. There is no any other option except to protect your self with healthy habits. Take care and protect your self.

8.....What are the symptoms of diabetes?
Extreme thirst
Frequent urination
Blurry vision
Extreme hunger
Increased tiredness
Unusual weight loss
Whenever you find the above symptoms you assume the diabetes may effect U. Generally doctors advice with minimum dosage but If you not modified your Life style, healthy habits diabetic reading will increase day by day which leads many other complications to your Health.
Since last 12 years I am telling U that You can enjoy with your family for 100 years of your life span with your near & dear with your Healthy habits. So follow Healthy habits.

9.....How can I find out if I have diabetes? 
Sometimes a routine exam by an eye doctor or foot doctor will reveal diabetes. Diabetes affects the circulation to your feet and the tiny blood vessels in your eyes. If your eye doctor or your foot doctor suspects you have diabetes, he will recommend you see your regular physician for a blood sugar level test.
The most common test is a fasting blood glucose test. After not eating for at least eight hours, usually overnight, your doctor will take a blood sample. The normal, non-diabetic range for blood glucose is 70 to 110 mg/dl. If your level is over 140 mg/dl, you may have diabetes.
I advise with your Healthy habits and modifying your life style you can keep your body in Normal condition. Follow Healthy habits.

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