Know about water and we need it

Know about water and we  need it

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Know about water and we  need it
Posted in 2014

Every one knows about the formation of water ie. 2 molecules of Hydrogen+ on molecule of Oxygen. We can prepare water by adding Hydrogen and Oxygen in our Laboratories. But on Earth 2/3 occupied by water and 1/3 is land where we are Living, cultivating, building houses, factories etc...
Every animal (including us) need water as Second priority to survive. The water available on earth contain different Minerals from place to place depend upon the Soluble minerals on that Portion. The purest water is available only from RAIN.
As per World Health Organisation suggestion Every one need 2.5 lts per day to protect our Brain cells, Heart and Kidney but I suggest more than this according to your Food habits, life style protect your entire Body. Every one can protect their health and give birth to Healthy and Brilliant child with Air, water and Healthy food....

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