People suffering from ASTHMA ....2

People suffering from ASTHMA ....2

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People suffering from ASTHMA ....1
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What Are the Rates of Asthma Episodes in Children?

  • In 2015, 47.5 percent of children age 18 and younger who had asthma reported having one or more asthma attacks in the past year.
  • According to the CDC, asthma episodes have declined in children from all races and ethnicities from 2001 through 2016.
  • In 2016, about 50 percent of children under the age of 5 with asthma had an episode.
  • Emergency department and urgent care center visits are highest among Black children under 4years old.1

How Many People Get Sick from Asthma?

  • Asthma accounts for 9.8 million doctor’s office visits, 188,968 discharges from hospital inpatient care and 1.8 million emergency department visits each year.
  • Asthma is the third-ranking cause of hospitalization among children younger than 15.
  • African-Americans are three times more likely to be hospitalized from asthma.

How Many People Die from Asthma?

  • Each day, ten Americans die from asthma, and in 2017, 3,564 people died from asthma. Many of these deaths are avoidable with proper treatment and care.
  • Adults are four times more likely to die from asthma than children.
  • Women are more likely to die from asthma than men and boys are more likely than girls.
  • African-Americans are three times more likely to die from asthma.


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