Water help you to conceive ... 4

Water help you to conceive ... 4

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Water help you to conceive ... 4
Posted in 2017

Since last 15 years I am telling about water helps to conceive. But most of the people didn't believe me and visited to various fertility hospitals...After failure and facing abortions or miscarriages they asked me how to fulfill their desire or goal. I am telling you that your body is natural and acts naturally....It doesn't require medicines or operations. Have you seen any animal is visiting to Fertility hospitals?No..It is God's gift to all including us. .Every doctor will learn and apply on animals only during their education or research...No one will directly apply on human beings.. Because our body is similar to animals and functions are also similar. That is the reason human beings are included in Zoology. There no special subject for us. Now our topic is how water helps to conceive. 
16... your body expands during pregnancy
Waters helps egg health
Drinking enough water also helps to keep your body nourished and nutritionally balanced. Keeping your body healthy will ensure that in turn, your eggs are also healthy. Healthy eggs grow into health babies, so make sure to drink enough water to keep your eggs healthy also.
17... your body expands during pregnancy
Waters helps cervical mucus
Drinking enough water can also help to increase your cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is very important when getting pregnant, since the cervical mucus is what the sperm attach to on their journey to the egg. Without enough cervical mucus, the sperm won’t survive and therefore won’t be able to fertilize the egg

18... your body expands during pregnancy
The bottom line
As you can see, water is one of the most basic, but also most vital, nutrients for all body processes, pregnancy included. By making sure you are drinking enough water, you can help improve your chances of getting pregnant. Plus, once you become pregnant, drinking enough water is also vital to not only your health but also the health of your unborn baby as well. So, bring on the water!

19... your body expands during pregnancy
How animals, birds etc,,,conceive?
All these are doesn't know the meaning of fertility...They don't know visit any fertility specialists or IVF Hospitals or surrogacy Hospitals...They don't know any other language except their body language. They understand their body language and act accordingly. For healthy living they follow healthy habits till the end of their life...i.e. 1. Taking Breath 2. Drinking water and 3. Eating healthy food according to their body.
The first one is Breathing is natural process...Without their personal involvement they take breathing.
The second one is when their body demands they simply go and drink water as per their body demands.
The third one is when their body demands for healthy food they simply go and take healthy food according to their body.
Without any problem they are conceiving and give birth to healthy child.
All they are my teachers and I learned a lot from them how to live healthy with our healthy habits.

.20... your body expands during pregnancy
Water helps U to have Healthy Eggs
In all my previous articles I discussed about benefits of water, all scientific facts, improve uterus, egg health etc..
Now let me discuss how to drink water?
When a woman wish to have Healthy child should drink water as  needed according to your body needs.
If you follow you can conceive naturally and have Healthy child..
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