Your brain -- cell signaling 1

Your brain -- cell signaling 1

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Your brain -- cell signaling 1
Posted in 2015

Signals that form memories and thoughts move through an individual nerve cell as a tiny electrical charge.
Nerve cells connect to one another at synapses. When a charge reaches a synapse, it may trigger release of tiny bursts of chemicals called neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters travel across the synapse, carrying signals to other cells. Scientists have identified dozens of neurotransmitters.
Alzheimer's disease disrupts both the way electrical charges travel within cells and the activity of neurotransmitters.
Whenever if we think to solve any problem within fraction of time you will get an idea how to solve it.. Whenever we recollect our previous experiences within fraction of time we can recollect. Our brain is the most powerful organ when all electrical charge to send signals.
If you want a child with this quality please note the following
My advise
1...Your child should have sufficient water in his brain before birth to develop cell signaling.
All of U know water is a good conductor of Electricity.
2...Mother has to supply water as needed ...So drink water
3...Our brain consists of millions of cells and need to be opened before birth with sufficient oxygen..   Mother has to supply sufficient oxygen..   If mother consumes heavy food, oily, non veg etc... the oxygen in her body will not be sufficient to digest her food due to it the child will not receive sufficient oxygen to open brain cells to think and act.   It impact on full life of the child.  
4.. Everyone on this universe will take 6 Liters of oxygen per minute.  Our body needs to protect our brain cells, heart and kidneys which require 120 ml per breath.   If your breaths are more it indicates that your food is heavy or oily which or other.  So the oxygen you take (by inhaling) will not be sufficient to your body for digestion and your body needs which results the child will not receive sufficient oxygen to open all cells than your child's brain may not be developed.
5...So mother should eat healthy food which will consume minimum oxygen to digest her food  so that the sufficient oxygen will be sent to her child to open brain cells
6... Wait to enjoy with your Brilliant child

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