Timings of your body

Timings of your body

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Timings of your Body
Posted in 2014
Every organ in your body has a repair/maintenance schedule to keep on a daily basis. Most of us in the West have never been aware of this, but Chinese and Ayurvedic holistic health practitioners have known this for hundreds of years.
It is important to know these cycles if you want to understand your health problems and learn to treat yourself. If you feel sluggish, foggy, achy, etc. at these particular times of day, you will know which organ is trying to repair the damage done to it, and these ‘feelings’ you are having are the result of the energy being expended to do these repairs.
Repair Table:
Lungs: 3am-5am
Large intestine: (or colon) 5am-7am
Stomach: 7am-9am
Spleen: 9am-11am
Heart: 11am-1pm
Small Intestines: 1pm-3pm
Bladder: 3pm-5pm
Kidneys: 5pm-7pm
Pancreas: 7pm-9pm
Blood Vessels and Arteries: 9pm-11pm
Gallbladder: 11pm -1am
Liver: 1am-3am
My advise
1... Most of us don't know the functions various organs when it cleaned & repaired.
2... All organs need to repair daily to keep U healthy
3... Every organ repair in a particular natural time but not as U wish.
4... I am telling U from the beginning that we are the part of this nature. Nature will control all parts of the body if you follow nature principles.
5... Please follow to protect your health
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