Cause of week births ..Cannot take breath

Cause of week births ..Cannot take breath

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Cause of week births ..Cannot take breath
Posted in 2017

Cause of weak births ..cannot take breath
One of my friend told me about birth of Twins and asks me the reason for it.
1.. The woman about 33 years went for IVF Treatment for two times. Ist is failed. IInd is successful and given birth to TWINS.
2... The children were very weak and could not take breath and children placed on Ventilators.
My Analysis
I told you many times that the mother should take the food
1... Easily digested
2.. Consume less oxygen
3.. Digest in Minimum Time when Twins are in her stomach..
4.. Gives Energy sufficient for her self and unborn children.
When food is digested in minimum time and consumes less oxygen then the remaining oxygen is helpful to open brain cells, lungs and expand the children body.
In this case the entire oxygen is used to digest the food of mother and the oxygen required to open up the lungs of children is not sufficient. 
This is the cause of their birth...I advice every couple to select the food which is giving sufficient energy and consumes less oxygen. Brought to U


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