Birth defects published in CBD reviewed journals

Birth defects published in CBD reviewed journals

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Birth defects published in CBD reviewed journals
Posted in 2014

Birth defects are caused due to unhealthy food, unhealthy life style etc..It is in you hands to give birth to Healthy child..Pl follow healthy food, healthy life style etc..give birth to Healthy child.
The following are published CBD ratevaluesin peered reviewed journals. Data of these articles are taken from epidemiological studies conducted by medical college faculty members and / or specialists in Major State Hospitals in Iraq.
12.3/1000 birth in maternity and children’s hospital in Baghdad ;
8.6/1000 birth in Ramadi General Hospital, 2008 ;
4.7/1000 birth in Dohuk, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, 2004-2008;
8.4/1000 birth only (NTD) in Diwania, 2000 ;
3.06/1000 birth in Arbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq ;
50/1000 birth in Fallujah General Hospital, 2010 ;
23-48/ 1000 birth in Basrah Maternity Hospital, 2003-2011 ;
27/1000 birth in Najaf
19.3/1000 birth in Al Qaiem District, Anbar, 2009-2011

My  advise
1...   Every couple decided to give birth to a Healthy child should follow Healthy food consist of all nutrients needed 
2...   They should develop and practice positive thinking before conceiving to avoid defective births, abortions ...............
3....  They should drink sufficient water

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